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About Project Clutter
The Visionary:     

   My name is Kate Burton and I am the owner of Project Clutter. I am passionate about helping others.  By working through my own organizational struggles I have gained a unique perspective on the subject of overwhelming clutter and disorganization. Over the years I began to realize that I have been called to use what I have learned to help others manage their own clutter challenges. Call Project Clutter today and I will be happy to discuss your clutter management issues. I guarantee our solution based services will produce the results you have been searching for. 

​~ The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ~ 
    Chinese Proverb  

Organization Solutions for Home and Office 

Philosophy at Project Clutter:

  It is simple: We will do our part to improve the lives of our clients through organization, while reducing the environmental impact of the clutter removal, and waste disposal process. We will operate in a socially minded manner by networking with local charities and organizations to receive donations, a win-win-win solution. Project Clutter is structured as a “not just for profit company” and committed to clients, our community, and the environment.